Awnings & Pergola


Our Awning Systems for homes enhance your outdoor living experience with a wide range of shapes, dimensions, and fabric colors that fit your home décor and provide customized control for sun exposure.


High-quality Awnings and Pergolas are perfect additions to backyard spaces. When the sun gets too bright and it’s no longer comfortable to sit under, a covered pergola can provide the perfect space for you to get out of the hot sun and relax in the cool shade. MNAF3 Industrial solar protection products meet the highest quality criteria in addition to distinctive automation that gives them the uniqueness & prestigious positioning in the market. Free standing in a garden, gracing a patio, or surrounding a hot tub, a Pergola creates a dramatic architectural statement. Our Pergola systems are as strong as they are beautiful, designed for a secure, and easy installation. Now you can enjoy your new outdoor oasis.


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