Residential Shutters

Residential Shutters

1 Select Slat Type and Size
Based on Dimensions of The Opening and Purpose of Use
2 Select Operating System: Motorized or Manual
Based on Dimensions as Well as Customer Convenience
3 Select The Optimal Installation Method
Based on Building, Construction and Design
4 Select Types Of Boxes, Guide Channels & Terminal Slats
Based on Slat type, Size and the Opening Dimensions
5 Select Tube Type And Size
Based on Opening Dimensions and Shutter Weight
6 Select Locking System
Based on the Security and Protection Requirements
7 Select Colors
Based on the Building External Finishing and Individual Choice

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Commercial Doors

Fabricated of interlocking Galvanised steel or aluminium grills in a variety of slat profiles, finishes and options. Our doors are designed for maximum durability while maintaining superior functionality and style. The perforated design of the rolling door allows for partial visual access to the areas being protected without compromising strength. Gates are either manually or electrically operated. Motorized gates can be equipped with a handle, which will disengage the motor drive in case of power failure and allow the shutter to be opened manually.

Steel Slats Profiles
Steel Guide Channels
Aluminium Grill Profiles

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Commercial Doors


A special product by MI incorporates aluminium windows & doors systems with shutters, boxes and fly screen assembled in one ready-to-install unit. It exists in 165 mm and 205 mm that suits all kind of openings. It can be controlled both manually and electrically.

Aluminium Depth (W)
Operational Method
Manually By Handle
Electrically By Motor
Aluminium Wall Thickness

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Commercial Doors